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Recreation Courses

Open Water Scuba Diver Course The Open Water Diver Course is the most popular course and the first opportunity to introduce you to the SCUBA diving lifestyle. Find Out More

Advanced Adventure Diver The Advanced Adventure Course helps you become more comfortable in the water while continuing to build confidence, refine skills and acquire new ones. This course will introduce you to new activities and take you to greater depths.  Find Out More

Open Water Referral The Open Water Referral Program is for students who have already started the course at home. These students will have finished Academic training, Classroom Review and pool training with a dive shop and need to finish the Open Water training portion of certification and wish to do this in the beautiful waters of South F... Find Out More

SCUBA Review Has it’s been awhile since you’ve used your SCUBA skills? Maybe your knowledge and water skills are a bit rusty or out of date? The SCUBA Review or SCUBA Tune Up reacquaints you with diving under the supervision of an Open Water SCUBA Instructor or a professional Divemaster.  This course lets you regai... Find Out More

Enriched Air Nitrox The Enriched Air Nitrox Course is our most popular specialty course. This course gives you more No Decompression dive time. That means you’ll be able to have more time on the bottom to enjoy what you learned in our Open Water Class or Advanced Open Water Class. You’ll meet with your SCUBA Instructor for a 2... Find Out More

SCUBA Discovery Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to try scuba diving, but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, Scuba Discovery is for you. SDI dive shops offer this program either in a pool, or off a beach. You can try scuba close to home or while you&... Find Out More