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Service Department

Regulator Service, BCD Service, Rebreather Service, Valves, Tank VIP’s, Tank Hydros and More.

Our service department is staffed by factory-trained certified service technicians.

We service every make and model of servicable, factory supported dive equipment made.

  • Regulators—1st Stage, 2nd Stage, and Alternative Air Source Inspection and Annual Service
  • Computers—Battery changes, In-house or Manufacturer Service & Repairs
  • BCDs – Annual Service, cleaning/ replacement of Hoses, Dump Valves, Bladders
  • Tank Visual Inspection (VIP- Required Every Year)
  • Tank Hydrostatic Testing (Hydro- Required Every 5 Years)
  • Tank Cleaning (02 cleaning)  to Convert Air Tanks to Nitrox
  • Tank Valve Repair or Replacement