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Tank Fills

Stuart Scuba has two high-pressure breathing media air compressors with extensive Air and Nitrox banks to meet any cylinder fill needs . All of our staff involved with tank filling operations are Technical Diving International (TDI) certified Gas Blenders.

Stuart Scuba can move more than 45 cubic feet of air per minute to serve commercial divers and recreational divers with great efficiency.

Stuart Scuba has Technical Gas Services available, including High Concentration Oxygen, Tri-mix and Rebreather cylinder fills.

Stuart Scuba does Hydrostatic testing (Hydro), Visual Inspection (VIP), Valve and Oxygen Cleaning Services.

Our tank filling operation is in the back of the store and can be easily accessed through our over sized rolling door directly from the back parking lot.

Fill pricing

  • Air Fill – $7.50 per tank
  • Nitrox Fill – $11.50 per tank
  • Trimix Fill – Please call the store for pricing per C.F.
  • 02 Fill – $14 any size up to 40 C.F.

Air/Nitrox Fill Cards lower the price of individual fills and can be used by more than one authorized person on any size tank up to 120 C.F. Commercial cards are available for K and other size cylinders. Call the store to inquire about pricing.

Air & Nitrox Fill Card Pricing

  • Multiple price points and volume of cards available, please call for specials and rate pricing.