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Rescue and Medical Courses

Rescue Diver This course is the next step for Advanced Adventure certified divers wanting to continue their education. The course stresses personal safety and broadens your situational awareness. This lets you recognize and prevent problems and assist in emergency situations. The course has been called the most serious fun you&rsqu... Find Out More

Emergency Oxygen Provider We all hope for the best on any day we go diving but we should always be prepared to assist a fellow diver with our Emergency Oxygen Provider skills should circumstances ever require it. Emergency Oxygen first aid delivers oxygen to body tissues, enhances the elimination of unusable gases such as nitrogen from breathin... Find Out More

CPR Primary and Secondary Care Are you prepared to help in an emergency? The kinds of emergencies that make CPR & First Aid beneficial can crop up at any time. This course will bring you up to date on the most recent recommendations and standards of care for emergency resuscitation while increasing your confidence by teaching and refining your l... Find Out More