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8 am Anna Cecilia 5/28/21

The Ana Cecilia was put to rest on July 13, 2016 about a mile off of Singer Island, Florida. Her main deck is in 62 feet of water with the bottom at 85 feet making it easy to dive a phenomenal wreck with some great bottom time. The ship is part of a wreck trek called The Corridor, including the Mizpah, China Barge, Amaryllis and the Brazilian Docks.


The Ana Cecilia is a 170 feet long freighter weighing 629 tons. She was previously used as a cargo ship carrying humanitarian goods to Havana from Miami. The ship carried clothing, hygiene products, food and other necessities. She was the first to make a direct US to Cuba voyage since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Once the transport operation shut down in April 2013, the ship changed hands and took on a new job. The Ana Cecilia made headlines for the second time in September 2015 when she was seized by the US Government for smuggling 413 kilograms of cocaine from Haiti, reported by the Palm Beach Post.

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8am Ana Cecilia 5/28/21

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