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5/22/21 Juno Ledge 8 a.m.

The “Juno Ledge” is a great reef dive with a very pronounced ledge wall that can be as much as 25’ tall.  The top of this reef sits at around 70’ with the depths at the bottom of the ledge reaching around 90-95’.  This ledge is one of the reasons divers should pursue their Advanced certification.  This ledge is always loaded with life from schools of all kinds of fish to sharks, turtles, and Goliath Grouper.  The ledge is a sharp cut ridge with a vertical wall that comes down to a sandy bottom and wide rolling reef along the top.  This site can also be good for lobstering, but make sure to bring a tickle stick or snare if  “buggin” is your interest due to the depth of some of the lobster holes on this site.

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5/22/21 Juno Ledge 8 a.m.

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