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  • 8 am 1000 Mermaids 7/04/21

8 am 1000 Mermaids 7/04/21

1000 Mermaids is newly deployed artificial reef sitting 40-45’ feet of water.  The first structures of this reef were placed on the ocean floor in August of 2019 with another major installment of structures that were placed in November of 2020. 

   This is a great site for photography and novelty pictures along side some of the sculptures due to its shallow depth.  This site is becoming very popular for new divers due to the diversity of structures along this artificial reef.  The structures themselves have been made out of an “Eco-friendly” sustainable type of concrete that is intended to support a high level of growth for reef restoration.

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8 am 1000 Mermaids 7/04/21

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